Technotitia provides, to our many extremely satisfied Clients (both national and global), a customized selection of quality, comprehensive, integrated and meaningful organizationally aligned professional information technology solutions with a targeted focus towards information security and with proprietary as well as revolutionary artificial general intelligence systems whilst being driven by, and strongly adhering to, the principles of information excellence.

System Administration

System Administration involves the day to day management and configuration of business-critical information-communication technology systems including the critical management components of data/information security, integrity, accessibility as well as support for issues relating to such.

System Analysis

System Analysis focuses on the examination of existing business systems to identify mismatches and inefficiencies between said systems and the business goals with the intent to resolve and remove the mismatches & inefficiencies through the proper adjustment or replacement of the relevant systems.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is critical (and extremely valuable) in the 21st century for any business and/or organization wishing to make informed decisions and driving the bottom line. Data Analytics starts with proper collation, transformation and integration of data that is utilized, usually in conjunction with machine learning systems, to provide valuable insights in the form of easily accessible reporting and management platforms for businesses and/or organizations. At Technotitia, we leverage cutting edge technologies and proprietary artificial intelligence systems to provide superior Data Analytics solutions to our valued Clients.

Development Operations

The creation and/or onboarding of both software and hardware systems and technologies is critical in modern information-age organizations for both facilitating competitive edges as well as ensuring that said software and/or hardware systems are properly maintained/supported, scaled, implemented and value adding to the organization. The professionally structured and standardized method for accomplishing the aforementioned is the goal of Development Operations.

Artificial Intelligence

No one can deny that we are living in the information age and the defining aspect of the information age moving forward will be that of “intelligent systems” driven by artificial intelligences. Artificial Intelligence is being increasingly adopted for a variety of applications and Technotitia specializes in cutting-edge revolutionary and proprietary artificial intelligence systems implemented and customized for our Clients many and varied requirements.